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Chakra Balancing with pendulum

Chakra Balancing with Pendulum 


Chakras are energy centers. 

Chakra 1 is the Root Chakra it is Red 

If you are feeling lack of energy, eating disorder, Or impatient, aggressive

Your Root Chakra is out of balance


Chakra 2 is the Sacral Chakra it is orange

If you are not feeling creative or of self worth

This Chakra is out of Balance

Chakra 3 is the solar plexis Chakra it is yellow

self esteem, digestive, hot temper

Chakra 4 is the heart chakra it is green

lovepossiveness, anxiety, anger

Chakra 3 is the throat Chakra it is blue

Communication, shy, fear of change, feeling trapped

Chakra 2 is the third eye chakra it is royal blue

Intuition, imagination, psychic eye, headaches, absent mindedness

Chakra 1 is the crown Chakra it is violet or white at the top of the head

enlightenment, understanding and knowledge, negatively, depression, 

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