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Oxygen infusion Facial 

Oxygen Infusion Fusion This treatment involves the infusion of serum with a brighten, lift, calm, and infuse essential nutrients which is great of all skin types.This is a Hollywood treatment that is famous with Madonna. She has this done about every three weeks. And when she is on tour or stressed has it done once a week. This treatment is also cost  $285.00 in New York. This treatment is great for DARK SPOTS, Hyper pigmentation, aging, dry skin, malsma, acne,and many more skin types and conditions.





A Touch Of Spa Chocolate Silk Facial 

This facial involves a nice cleansing with lavender, microdermabrasion is also included for 10 minutes, then is steamed with enzyme mask, nice delicate relaxing facial massage with neck and shoulders, then the chocolate silk mask is applied it helps to detoxify skin and tighten fine lines. Then a moisturizer is applied with Spf. 



 mask woman

A Touch of Spa Basic facial

Is a relaxing facial that cleanses the face with lavender creamy cleanser.  Then extractions are done during steam then a nice relaxing facial massage done with organic grape seed oil with uplifting massage that makes the face look uplifted. Then a nice cool mask is applied to the face with juniper and tea tree. Helps to tighten the skin and clean pores along with minimizing pores size.                                                               




A deep pore cleansing using organic products by Lotus Moon. After analysis of your skin’s individual needs it is cleansed amaryth cleanser helps to free the skin from natural pollutants and toned and exfoliated while being steamed to help ease stress of extractions. Then a massage to your face, neck, shoulders with organic grape seed oil is to be followed with mask for your skin type and condition.








This anti-aging facial is combined with A TOUCH OF SPA FACIAL and hyloronic acid is combined into this treatment that helps relieve congestion from the heavy looking areas. This facial is age reducing with a plasticizing mask for your skin type sensitive, blemishes, and mature skin.






A Soothing Mask that cools the face and is for Mature, Sun-damaged, Irritated, Stressed, Tired and Dry skin types. The Acai Peptide Elixir infuses the skin with peptides that rejuvenates more collagen to be produced which is lost from all the free radicals we come in contact with daily. This mask constructed of non-woven collagen tissues, saturated with ingredients that re-hydrate, repair and soften the skin wherever applied on the face, eyes, breasts or body. Moisturizes, firms and repairs.                                         







This microdermabrasion treatment takes 60 minutes includes a thorough cleansing with mineral earth from LOTUS MOON SKIN CARE then aestheticians will analyze your face and second thorough cleansing is done with amarythe and toner replinish is used to prepare for microderm treatment. Then the microderm treatment is done very thoroughly following a facial massage and then a cooling mask to calm down redness. Moisturizer is then applied with an SPF and this treatment is best done 6 to 8 treatments in a row once a week for aggressive results or once every two weeks apart.  



 A Touch of Spa Microcurrent Treatment

This treatment helps to raise the joules of the face and give an lunch time face lift without any down time or surgery. This Facial is 50 to 60 minutes included cleansing with amarythe cleanser. An analys is then performed. Then a second cleanse is applied and steam with papaya enzyme mask is applied. Then an application of Aloe Vera is applied and then 15 to 20 minutes of microcurrent is performed. Then a nice relaxing facial massage with neck and shoulders. Then a mask is applied and lavender moisturizer. For best results microcurrent is done every week for 6 wks then once a month for maintenance and then start protocol over in 2 to 3 months. 




Callogen Boosting Microdermabrasion 

This treatment is 1 hour treatment done with Cleansing with Green Tea Cleanser, Aesthetician Analyzes skin, then second cleanse is done with Amarythe cleanser, extractions can be performed if needed, Then Diamond Tip Microderm abrasion is done for 15 to 20 minutes. A nice facial massage is done to help relieve sinuses of congestion while relaxing, then a high quality serum is placed on the skin before a collagens mask is placed on the face for 15 minutes, application of moisturizer and SPF. 



Please be respectful to your aestheticians at all times. If we become uncomfortable doing the treatment we have the right by law to stop the treatment. Also If you are respectful and have purchased a voucher from a groupon company we will report you to the establishment and you will be banded from A TOUCH OF SPA and possible the groupon company. 


Thank You for you kindness.

 If You do not show for your appointment or you cancel your appointment before 24 hours notice. We have the right to redeem all groupons accounted for.



There is no refunds on Gift Certificates purchased or Packages these purchases are good for 6 months from date of purchase.




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