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I am a Master Reiki Practitioner, Karen E Triana. 


Classes for Reiki 1 attunement

Classes are available now in Duluth, Ga for attunement of Level 1 Reiki -$150.00 for 3 hours training. Lesson Book is included with price. 

Classes for Reiki Attunement 2- $250 to be able to do distant healing. Lesson Book is included. 

Classes for Reiki Attunement Master level are $650.00 and come with a lesson book also with lesson 1 and lesson 2 combined.



I give ongoing support for your new life journey.





REIKI Japanese Healing Energy


Is a Japanese-Tibetan healing technique. Japanese Buddhist Mikao  discovered it in the 20th century. Rei means Spirit, Light, Devine being. Ki means Energy, Natural Force or Power. While the word Reiki means Universal Life Energy.

Reiki flows through the Reiki healers and passes through the body to the next person. It is a spiritual energy. This wonderful gift helps to balance your energy and Chakras in your body. It helps to remove blockages, cleaning the body of inpure emotional blockages. It is very relaxing and helps you to relieve stress in the body and negative things you are holding on to. Reiki goes where it needs to go to clear bad energies in the body. When this happens the body runs more smoothly and the KI flows more fluidly and helps to increase a healing within the body.


During the treatment the Reiki Practitioner lay their hands in several different positions over the 7 different Chakras. State of peace comes over the body and the person on the table has said  to feel very relaxed and free of emotional burdens or thoughts. Some have reported that a white light is all aroung them while the practitioner is working on them. 


Reiki is beneficial for Sports Injuries, long term pain, back pain, arthritis, sciatica, headache, upset stomach.  stress, high blood pressure, tension, anxiety, sleeplessness, low spirits. 

Helps animals and children also.


Here we are treating the Chakra # 6 The Third Eye Chakra.



Reiki for a duration of 25 minutes is $35.00





A session and for 55 minutes for $70.00 

Here we are treating the Chakra #4 Heart chakra.







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