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Things you need to know

I want to touch on some things that people are concerned about. When you recieve a peel it does not have to be so strong that it makes your face peel. With some peels there is a small degree of skin coming off (facial dandruff) but it does not have to be where everyone knows what you recieved during your lunch hour. 


I have an assortment of peels that I truely love and use on myself from a week to 4 weeks apart. I have wonderful results and use other modalities with the peel for better results. 


Peels are to be done in a controlled environment in an even layer and to be monitored while the peel is active.


It is not recommended to purchase a peel online and use it at home. There is protocol to be followed and of course you have to clean the area first then apply peel in an even layer with certain precautions and some of these peels can be dangerous to you and your skin, EYES, NOSE, LIPS, if you are not knowledgeable with the ingredients. Also these peels can be so aggressive that you have more hyperpigmentation and of course skin type and skin analysis are needed. If you have oily skin, dry skin, combination, dark skin, light skin, all of these things are importation for best results. FITZEPATRIC SCALE.


Something to think about: small children in home and animals- furthermore company can be in the bathroom and see you have a peel on hand and decide to place it on there face and children can get into cabinets while you are not looking and swallow this, also animals can be around and while you are busy with peel- it could be knocked off counter and fall on them. I was waxing myself once and my puppy came an rammed the door open and knocked HOT wax pot off counter and I grabbed it with my hand. Both hands were covered. I couldnt get out of bathroom for 3 hours and it was every where. Full pot. It took me 6 hours to clean off of counter and floor. Also puppy. ALSO I COULD HAVE BEEN BURNED BY WAX Terrible experience. 


Please see an aesthetician for advice and consultation. Also for product usage. Professional products are ordered by lisenced estheticians and dermatologists. 

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